1975 Schwinn Continental

1975 Schwinn Continental
This is the bike before most of the restoration work - click to view full-size

Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's Good To Be Home...

..from work, because now I can scoot around in the garage a bit on my longboard.

Tomorrow is rollerskating in the morning!

Boogie On,


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

45 Minutes Rolling Around Sector 9

Spent a good 45 minutes scootboarding around our underground parking garage just now. I was on my fantastic Sector 9 Lennox bamboo board with my Nutcase Airmail bike helmet, ducking water mains & sprinkler system pipes.

Great workout. I broke a light sweat, and my control of the board is improving. A few more weeks and I'll have my cell playing some ol'-school boogie as I ride.

Boogie On,


Biking Together | EMagazine.com


Building National Support for Biking | EMagazine.com


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Alliance For Biking And Walking: Streetside E-News: February 2013

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Date: Feb 5, 2013 1:41 PM
Subject: Streetside E-News: February 2013
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View the web version of this e-mail. Streetside - February 2013
Streetside Header - Winter 2013
February 2013 - In This Issue
Save the Date for Alliance Advocacy Awards
Thank You to Donors & Renewing Members!
Renew Your Membership for 2013
Promote Active Transportation: Join the 2013 Climate Ride
Biking, Walking and the Fiscal Cliff
Alliance Guide to Fundraising: Part 3 Now Available
Welcome, Darryl!
Upcoming Mutual Aid Calls
Save the Date for Alliance Advocacy Awards
bike texas at 2012 advocacy awardsWill you be in Washington, DC for the National Bike Summit? If so, save the date for the Alliance's 2013 Advocacy Awards Reception!
Join us on the evening of Monday, March 4, 2013 to recognize the advocates, organizations and businesses that make a difference for biking and walking in communities across North America.
Last year, advocates from BikeTexas (above right) took home the Innovation Award for their work engaging supporters from across the political spectrum. 
Thank You to Donors & Renewing Members!
Thank you to everybody who donated to the Alliance and to all of the organizations that have renewed their Alliance memberships for 2013. Your support and membership allows us to spend time working to make our movement stronger. 

Alliance members who renewed for 2013 were entered into drawings to win over $6000 in great prizes from our sponsors. We're pleased to announce the winners: 
  • VBT tour: Yay Bikes!
  • Thousands of CLIF Bars: split between Bike Jeffco, City Fabrick, Greensboro Downtown Greenway, People Power, and Bike Austin
  • Primate Wear custom apparel package: BikeWalkLee
  • Tern Link Uno: Cascade Bicycle Club
Congratulations to the winners, and a hearty thank-you to our great sponsors for providing some amazing prizes. 
Renew Your Membership for 2013
If you haven't yet renewed your membership for 2013, please renew today! Not sure if you've renewed? Alliance memberships expire at the end of each year and run for the duration of the calendar year - if you haven't yet renewed for 2013, your membership has lapsed. Please renew now.
The Alliance for Biking & Walking is the only North American network of state and local biking and walking advocacy organizations. An Alliance membership connects you and your organization with advocacy leaders across the continent and supports efforts to strengthen on-the-ground biking and walking advocacy. 
Your membership also ensures that Alliance staff are ready to help your organization grow and innovate. We're here for you. 
Alliance members enjoy these great benefits:
  • Access to the Alliance's online Resource Library, a directory of models, templates and research studies to boost state and local advocacy
  • Access to the Alliance's members-only listserv to connect with your peers and get immediate, informed answers to questions that arise in your work 
  • Eligibility for direct funding through our Advocacy Advance Grant program, which has awarded over $800,000 in grants and technical assistance since 2009
  • Free Mutual Aid Calls on popular and timely topics, designed specifically for state and local biking and walking advocacy organizations
  • ...And more!  
If you have questions about membership, call Mike Samuelson at (202) 449-9692 ext. 7 or email him at Mike@PeoplePoweredMovement.org.
Promote Active Transportation: Join the 2013 Climate Ride
Show your support for active transportation and the environment by joining one of the two2013 Climate Rides, and ride for the Alliance! 

Climate Ride supports sustainability, renewable energy, and bicycle advocacy with two rides each year. Join Climate Riders for the California ride from May 19-23, 2013, or ride from New York City to Washington, DC September 21-25, 2013.  Mark your calendar and register today!  

Registration is $75, and participants raise $2,400 for organizations committed to work on clean energy, sustainability, climate education and bicycle advocacy.

This year, Climate Ride raised over $300,000 for the environment, green energy and active transportation. Several Alliance member organizations were beneficiaries of the 2012 Climate Ride, and the ride raised over $5,000 for the Alliance for Biking & Walking.
When you sign up, don't forget to designate the Alliance and Alliance member organizations as your beneficiaries in 2013!

Climate Ride is a great way for organizations to engage members and supporters. If you're a rider or a beneficiary, be sure to check out the East Bay Bicycle Coalition's fundraising tip sheet 

Biking, Walking and the Fiscal Cliff


Approval ratings for biking and walking are way up. Approval ratings for Congress? Not so much, and it's not hard to see why. 


In a January 8 federal policy webinar co-hosted by the Alliance and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, Caron Whitaker of the League of American Bicyclists explained how Capitol Hill's recent dangles off the so-called "fiscal cliff" could put biking and walking funds at risk this year. 


Congress' decision to punt rather than compromise could put lots of funding in danger - including biking and walking funds. Each upcoming deadline - sequestration, the debt ceiling, and a new budgeting process - represents a potential battle to protect biking and walking funding from the chopping block. 


So how do we win in such a trying fiscal environment? Caron emphasized that we can protect biking and walking by doing what we do best: mobilizing popular support. Read more on our blog.

Alliance Guide to Fundraising: Part 3 Available 
Many of the m
ost reliable, sustainable and fruitful sources of financial support for bicycle and pedestrian advocacy can come right from your own back yard. 

Part three of the Alliance's Guide to Fundraising series details methods for creating a diverse and sustainable funding portfolio from local sources. Topics include:

  • Turning supporters and members into major donors
  • Incorporating planned giving into your organization's funding plan
  • Using events and rides as sustainable sources of income
  • Tapping into local community foundations and businesses

The guide is written specifically for biking and walking advocacy groups and includes tips and examples from Alliance member organizations and nonprofit fundraising experts. The strategies within this guide can help you successfully maximize local resources and support your efforts to increase biking and walking in your community.


Want to learn more about working with local foundations? Check out the Alliance's upcoming Mutual Aid Call on Wednesday, February 20 at 2:00 PM EST. On the call, foundation staff will provide suggestions for how to maximize funding resources in your own community and develop relationships with local foundations. Register online here. 


Also, don't miss the tip sheet from our Mutual Aid Call on how to partner with local corporations for sponsorship.


Welcome, Darryl!
Darryl Turner Darryl Turner joined the Advocacy Advance team as the Research & Tracking Intern. Darryl is currently a graduate student in the University of Maryland's School of Public Policy. 
A native of suburban Chicago, Darryl graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Political Science, African & Middle East history, and Business Institutions. He's a Thomas Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellow and plans to become a Foreign Service Officer. 
Darryl will be working with the Advocacy Advance team to track biking and walking funding under MAP-21. 
Welcome to the team, Darryl. 


Upcoming Mutual Aid Calls
Our Mutual Aid conference calls are a great forum to gain insight from your Alliance peers on the specific issues and topics that are important to your organization. Additionally, Advocacy Advance has been hosting a series of calls to help you direct funding sources toward investments in biking and walking. 

All calls begin at 2 p.m. eastern and run for one hour.


This month:

  • February 27: Alliance Mutual Aid Call: Messaging for Policymakers and the Media 
    • Successful campaigns to affect public policy almost always have compelling messaging to win allies in decision-making bodies and grab media attention. On this call, we'll discuss how we can harness effective messaging for biking and walking advocacy campaigns on the local and state level. 

March calls:

  • March 13: Mutual Aid Call: Organizing Your Fundraising Ride
  • March 27: Mutual Aid Call: Government Contracts and Consulting

This past month:

What would you like to discuss on a Mutual Aid call? Does your organization have expertise to share with peer organizations and other advocates? Contact MLHall@PeoplePoweredMovement.org with your ideas!


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Member News

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Campaigning for Bike/Ped in State Transportation Bill

Pennsylvania hasn't had a new transportation funding plan for many years, but the governor has signaled that 2013 will bring a new state transportation budget. With support from an Advocacy Advance Rapid Response grant, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is capitalizing on an opportunity to promote biking and walking in the new law. Learn more about their campaign »  

Scramble is On to Save a Pedestrian Overpass in Marin

With help from an Advocacy Advance Rapid Response grant, the Marin County Bicycle Coalition is hard at work to replace a threatened pedestrian crossing over Highway 101. The overpass must be torn down as part of an upcoming construction project, and the county's transportation planning agency had initially proposed to replace it with a dangerous under crossing. Check out their campaign »


Atlanta Advocates Develop Local Funding Plan
In a city deflated by the recent defeat of a transportation sales tax measure, called T-SPLOST, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is leading the charge in developing a "plan B." Board members and staff of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (ABC) received hands-on coaching from the Advocacy Advance team to develop a local funding campaign.  Read more about the training »

Idaho, Wyoming Protecting Biking & Walking Funds Under MAP-21

Under the new transportation bill, most states saw a decrease in the amount of funding designated for bicycling and walking improvements - even though overall transportation dollars remained level. In Idaho and Wyoming, state advocates had to act fast to encourage their transportation agencies to save biking and walking funds. Both state organizations' campaigns have proved transformative. Learn more about their work »


Grant, eh?

Attention Canadian organizations: apply by March 10 for a capacity building grant from the Mountain Equipment Co-op to support local advocacy. Link »  
Partner News

Register for the National Bike Summit & Women's Cycling Forum

We'll be there; will you? The League of American Bicyclists' National Bike Summit is right around the corner (March 4-6, 2013), and this year we're out to show that bicycling means business. You can sign up for the National Women's Bicycling Forum (March 4), too. Be sure to save the date for the Alliance Advocacy Awards on the 4th, too. Learn more and register »

APBP Announces 2013 Webinars

Our partners at the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) have announced their webinar series for this year. Highlights include best practices in walker way-finding, photo enforcement for pedestrian safety, and integrative equity into bike/ped planning. View the full lineup for planning pros »

New Regional Resources to Boost Safe Routes to School Programs

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership has developed resources to help practitioners and advocates engage Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). Two new guides provide a primer on regional planning processes and share proven strategies to strengthen Safe Routes to School programs at the regional level. Read more » 

America Walks to Lead New Kaiser Collaborative

Congratulations to our partners at America Walks for their role in leading Kaiser Permanente's new Every Body Walk!  Collaborative, an initiative to build support to grow the walking movement in the U.S. Learn more » 

Thank you to our 

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