1975 Schwinn Continental

1975 Schwinn Continental
This is the bike before most of the restoration work - click to view full-size

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Safe Roads Amendment, Ride Illinois Award Winners, and more

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The 2016 Ride Illinois Award Winners
On September 19, during our 2016 Illinois Bike Summit, Ride Illinois awarded the City of Aurora, City of Danville and George Bellovics for their significant achievements in bicycle advocacy. 

The City of Aurora was presented with the Ride Illinois Project Award for an outstanding bikeway infrastructure project - the installation of curb-protected bike lanes on River Street this past spring.

The City of Danville was presented with the Ride Illinois Partnership Award for their exceptional participation in the Illinois Mayor's Bicycle Safety Challenge.

And George Bellovics, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources' Landscape Architect and Grand Illinois Trail Coordinator, was presented with the Ride Illinois Professional Award for his instrumental role in developing many of the state's most popular bike trails. 
Safe Roads Amendment

We've received a lot of questions about the proposed "Safe Roads Amendment" and how it may impact funding for bicycling infrastructure.  

The intention of the amendment up for vote this November is to prevent the legislature from sweeping dedicated state transportation dollars into the state's general revenue fund for other uses.
But, there is some concern that bicycle infrastructure and safety education campaigns are not explicitly listed in the amendment language.

Ride Illinois investigated the omission and its potential impacts on bicycling. Here's what we know. 
IDOT Secretary Randy Blankenhorn (center) with Ride Illinois Executive Director Tania Sebatian (left) and Chief Programs Officer Ed Barsotti (right)
Illinois Bike Summit Highlights

The 2016 Illinois Bike Summit has passed, but we're still thinking about one of our most successful summits to date.

We were honored to have had IDOT Secretary Randy Blankenhorn give an inspiring speech about IDOT's new thinking and approach to bicycle planning across the state. He also spoke about IDOT's long range transportation plan, putting ITEP funding on a 2 year cycle, working closely with Ride Illinois, and more.

You can hear Secretary Blankenhorn's speech, download presentations from our speakers' sessions, see photos from summit, and watch a video that was presented about cycling for transportation on our website. 
Teaching Our Newest Drivers

One of Ride Illinois' target audiences for bicycle safety education is our newest generation of motorists. We are actively promoting the use of our BikeSafetyQuiz.com resource in driver education programs around the state so that our youngest drivers have the opportunity to learn how to safely share the road with cyclists. Over 80 schools are currently using the resource, and we recently spoke to approximately 100 driver education instructors in Chicago about the quiz.

Help us urge your local high school driver education teachers to incorporate this easy tool in their curriculum! Information for instructors is available at BikeSafetyQuiz.com or have them email us to set up the quiz for their school.  
Become a Ride Illinois Member

Join us in our mission to achieve better biking for all! Becoming a member is one of the easiest actions you can take to help make Illinois a more bicycle-friendly state. We're advocating for better road design, creating bike plans, pushing for favorable legislation, and educating tens of thousands of Illinois residents on sharing our roads so you can get out and Ride Illinois.

Members receive:
  • Our printed members' newsletter Upshift three times a year
  • Our spring mailing that provides brochures and information about the many organized rides around Illinois
  • Registration discounts for Ride Illinois merchandise and events including the Illinois Bike Summit  and the Grand Illinois Trails and Parks (GITAP) Bike Tour 
  • A special discount on Mercury Wheels (50%-71% off depending on item) good for one year
  • Updates and action alerts on local and statewide issues
  • A strong advocacy voice in Springfield, Washington, and your town!
There is great strength in numbers and we need your support! 
Upcoming Events  
If you're interested in having your bicycling-related event included on our calendar, please email us. 
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Sprinkling And Sixty Degrees In So-Cal

I just got back from a 4 5-mile ride in So-Cal's Inland Empire region, Temecula.

Saren & I moved to Temecula in January of 2015. This past Friday was my first ride since the Summer of 2014. Today was my fifth ride here.

Temecula is high desert, and wine country. There are about 160 wineries nearby, starting about four miles from our front door.

Temecula is also surrounded by the Santa Ana mountain range. There are serious hills here. (Any rider of 1970's-era Schwinn 10-speeds knows that first gear is more like 5th on a hill.)

I feel very much like it's early Spring in the late 1970's in Madison, Wisconsin this week. I was in high school in Madison back then, and we lived on a long, tall hill, way at the top. (Peak of Troy Drive)

All of us kids LIVED for the Summer, when we could ditch the schools, the coats, and the bus, and get on our bikes. I had a mint-condition green 1975 Schwinn Varsity at the time, and I loved that bike. It was stolen in the Summer of 1977, but I never have nor will forget it. (Curse you, Red Baron!)

Now I have the bike I couldn't afford when I bought the Varsity with my paper route money. I am also making it a little further up these hills before I have take a break with each passing day...

Ride on,