1975 Schwinn Continental

1975 Schwinn Continental
This is the bike before most of the restoration work - click to view full-size

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The latest word on bikes

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Got bikes on the mind? Looking for something good to read? Mosey on over to the PeopleForBikes.org blog, where we cover the latest news, research, and goings-on in the world of bikes. This month, we welcomed new contributors who have fun stories and expert advice at the ready. A sampling of recent posts is below—enjoy!

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find adventure in your backyard
Turn your bike into art
Why bike commuting is better than the gym
Bike lanes aren't just for cities
The man behind Rex. T. Rider

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kicking Asphault Discount Newsletter

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> March Discount Newsletter for BWC Members
> March brings madness. And that means you should save like...! Socially responsible consumers?
> March brings us a great new partnership with internationally recognized AquaGear, local Food Co-ops, and some green minded mechanics.
> Also, we are working like mad to build more partnerships with national, local, and green businesses. Set to launch in a few days is our discount aggregation service, OneBigPlanet, which will search discounts for you as well as offer some exclusive discounts (including cash back) with national and local partners, including eco-minded businesses. If you want to help build partnership discounts with the like-minded businesses you love, tell us about them and why you love them so much (as long as you're not emotionally cheating on us)!
> Also in the works, look forward to more savings on our travel related bookings in May!
> Check our our other partners! 
> 30% Off AquaGear's METAL Series ($29.45 + shipping)
> Here is some great dirt on a company dedicated to clean water.
> Designed by former NASA engineers, Aqua Gear's line of water filtration products reduce up to 99.99% of all contaminants for 75 gallons of water. Bottles are stainless steel or non-leaching, BPA-Free plastics and used by GMO and Non-GMO's around the world.
> The water is clean, and the filter is recyclable, so whether you're volunteering in the developing world, preparing your family emergency kit, or looking to filter your local tap water at the gym (or office), Aqua Gear is a great resource. Save 30% on all stainless steel bottles.
> You can read more about the technology and/or Log in to our membership site for the discount code. Use your BWC discount code while checking out at http://www.goaquagear.com/.
> Learn More 
> Food Co-op Partnerships: 10-25% Off BWC Membership
> Buy local broccoli. Eat local broccoli. Relax, knowing that both your top and your bottom-line are healthier for it.
> 10-25% off new BWC memberships and 10% off BWC renewals for members of the following food co-ops (Click on a co-op to check them out).
>   Ozark Natural Foods - Fayetteville, AR
>   Ypsilanti Food Coop - Ypsilanti, MI
>   Peoples Food Co-op - Portland, OR
>   Co-op Power - Greenfield MA
>   Greenfields Market - Greenfield MA
> If you'd like to see similar partnership discounts with your local Food Co-op, talk us up and tell us about them!
> Contact Us 
> Get 10% Off at Mike's Small Engine & Automotive Repair, Sherwood, Oregon
> Got Oil in yer veins? Why not recycle it? (or this subtitle)
> We want to spotlight one of our new discount partners, Mike's Small Engine Repair in Sherwood, Oregon. Mike has been dedicated to his community's environmental and economic well-being for 40 years. Mike and his employees recycle everything they can to keep industrial and chemical waste out of the landfill.
> With one eye always on continued training, Mike is certified to fix anything with an engine: cars, boats, motorcycles, lawn mowers, power washers, etc. When we spoke with Mike about making a living in auto repair, he said two things. First, he said, "Once you get the oil in your veins, you just can't stop." (Which might sound like a terrible way to recycle, but we won't judge). Mike also told us that taking care of people and the environment (rather than taking advantage of them) are important parts of making a good living. Traditionally, Mike's shop has only been advertised by word of mouth, and today, we'd like to add our word to the mix. Mention our discount at the time of service for 10% off.
> Contact Mike 
> 15% off Marty's Motors, El Cerrito, CA
> What happens if I break down on my way to get this great discount!? Oh yea. 
> Marty's Motors is a San Francisco Bay-area auto repair shop certified by the Bay Area Green Business Program. Marty's has vowed to conserve water and energy, prevent pollution, reduce and recycle waste, and practice environmental outreach.
> They've also earned a Small Business of the Year award for their excellent customer service.
> Better World Club members receive 15% off of services at Marty's Motors. Mention our discount at the time service is requested. Cannot be combined with other discounts. This offer does not apply to tires or other sublet services.
> This promotion runs through 3/1/2014
> Marty's Website 
> 20% of Experience Detailing, LA/Orange Co, CA
> "Hot cars. Cool planet." Terrible marketing slogan? Check.
> Xtreme Xcellence detailers use the No Noise, No Water Pollution Detailing Solution developed and recently introduced by Total Pros. This eco-friendly process conserves water and prevents contaminated water from being released into the ecosystem.
> From fleets to classic cars, these guys do it all, and they are not shy about it. We're glad to see a strong business making green a priority. Show your valid BWC Member Card for 20% off detailing services, and check out their website for more detailing.
> Experienced Detail's Website 
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Friday, March 8, 2013


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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Press Release: Alliance Presents 2013 Advocacy Awards

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From: "Alliance for Biking & Walking" <mlhall@peoplepoweredmovement.org>
Date: Mar 5, 2013 9:21 AM
Subject: Press Release: Alliance Presents 2013 Advocacy Awards
To: <aquarianm@gmail.com>

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alliance logoFor Immediate Release



Mary Lauran Hall

Communications Manager

Alliance for Biking & Walking

(202) 642 - 6617
Alliance Announces 2013 Advocacy Award Winners

Washington, DC - March 4, 2013 - To shine the spotlight on the progress and victories of the bicycle and pedestrian advocacy movement, the Alliance for Biking & Walking is pleased to announce its 2013 Advocacy Award winners.  


Since 2009, the Alliance has solicited public nominations and recognized the individuals, organizations and business leaders who are propelling our People Powered Movement. This year, the Alliance honors the following winners:


Advocacy Organization of the Year - Bike Walk Mississippi  


Bike Walk MS "In a state in which previous biking and walking advocacy depended on coincidental personal interest from elected officials, Bike Walk Mississippi have ignited a movement that has commanded attention in every recent transportation-related election." That would be high praise coming from anyone, but when a quote like that comes from the Chamber of Commerce in a state's largest city, it means just a little bit more.  "As a state with a high prevalence of obesity, Bike Walk Mississippi is making it safer and more accessible to exercise and have fun biking and walking in our community," echoed Sarah Welker from the Mississippi Economic Policy Center.  As local and national organizations continue to emphasize the connection between active transportation and economic growth, perhaps they should take a cue from the fantastic advocates from Bike Walk Mississippi.  Other highlights from the past year include receiving funding to hold their first Open Streets initiative (set for this April), advocating for the passing of the John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act (which established a 3-foot minimum passing distance) and opening Jackon's first community bike shop in the Midtown neighborhood.   


Advocate of the Year: Rebecca Serna, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition 


Rebecca Serna This award goes to an individual who has shown tireless commitment to promoting bicycling and walking in his or her community.  Rebecca Serna has been Atlanta Bicycle Coalition's Executive Director for over 5 years, and a board member of Georgia Bikes. During this time she has worked with leaders and elected officials from across the region to make Atlanta a better place to bike. As we saw earlier with Georgia's Complete Streets policy, the Southeast U.S. is a region that is making great strives to become more walkable and bikeable, Rebecca's work is an inspiration to those around her. "The work that she does sets the bar for the surrounding cities and counties," said Sonja Parham, who nominated her for the award. The Alliance and the League awarded Atlanta Bicycle Coalition our largest Advocacy Advance Model Grant and they have been an incredible partner, mentor, and example for other organizations across the continent. Jessica Estep, who nominated Rebecca for this award, said that Rebecca has dedicated herself to "making a city that used to be bike-unfriendly into a blossoming city for bicycles, and she does it all with an air of humility. She deserves this award more than anyone else." We couldn't agree more!    


Business Advocate of the Year: Primal Wear 


Primal Wear Logo Primal Wear has always been known for their great cycling gear, but their recent dedication to creating better streets for biking has made the name Primal synonymous with advocacy.  Not only did Primal come on as a strong sponsor of the Alliance last year, including making some awesome jackets for our 2012 Leadership Retreat, but they have been supporting local and state groups for years, including Bicycle Colorado, Bike Texas and Bike Denver.  At the national level, Primal has been a long time supporter of IMBA and Bikes Belong, and they recently revved up their efforts with the League of American Bicyclists as Titanium level sponsor of the Summit, and providing all participants with their own Primal custom jersey.


Winning Campaign of the Year: Georgia Bikes! 


Georgia Bikes

While many outsiders may look at the South as a region that has historically not been the most bike friendly, advocates across the region are working to change that. Nowhere was this more evident than in Georgia, where leaders from local and state biking and walking advocacy organizations worked with the state DOT to pass a Complete Streets Design Policy. The push was led by Georgia Bikes!, who caught the attention of DOT officials during a Ride to the Capitol when the crowd started chanting "Complete the Streets!".  While DOT officials thought they already had a great policy in place, the raucous advocates let them know there was more to be done, which opened up further conversations.  After countless meetings and hours of advocacy, Georgia DOT adopted a policy on September 20, 2012 that will ensure that wherever possible, road designs will properly balance the needs of all modes of transportation. And as a bonus first in the nation, Georgia became the first state to adopt the new NACTO Guide for Bikeway Facilities! As Georgia Bikes said in their blog post celebrating the new policy, "Can we get an AMEN!?"


Lifetime Achievement Award: Barb Culp

Barb Culp  

Washington State has been ranked the best state for biking by the League of American Bicyclists for the past 5 years, and this is due in no small part to the influence and leadership of Barbara Culp. Barb has been a leader in biking advocacy for decades. She has been executive Director of Bicycle Alliance of Washington twice, for a combined 13 years, as well as previously working for Cascade Bicycle Club as their education director and promoting bicycling and walking as commuter solutions at Seattle Children's Hospital. Her leadership has led to increased bicycle infrastructure in Washington, better education for all users of the road and increased communication between bicycle advocates and Washington DOT. Barb also served as a board member for the Alliance and was our Vice-Chair for many of those years, where her leadership helped us in our critical mission in strengthening and uniting local and state organizations.  We will miss Barb as she retires and steps back from her leadership positions, but her legacy and impact will continue to inspire advocates in Washington State and across the continent. 


Susie Stephens Joyful Enthusiasm Award: Renee Rivera 


Renee Rivera

This award commemorates Alliance co-founder Susie Stephens, honoring her passion for biking and walking as fun and economical means of transportation. This year, the award goes to Renee Rivera, Executive Director of the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. The parallels between Susie and Renee are many. Renee has tackled many challenging situations but always maintains a calm, resilient "can-do" attitude and is always a joy to work with. "Being an Executive Director can't be an easy job, but Renee handles it with seeming ease and enthusiasm," said Dave Campbell, Executive Director of the California Bicycle Coalition. "And she's a workhorse in handling so many aspects of our work in the East Bay, yet her positive attitude still makes everyone feel comfortable and motivated to do their best." Leah Shahum, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition -- of which Renee previously served as interim director -- agreed: "It has been wonderful to see communities throughout the SF Bay Area's East Bay become organized to be more bike-friedly, in large part thanks to Renee's strong leadership -- a combination of great focus and joyful celebration of biking."


Innovation Award: Local Spokes


Local Spokes The Innovation Award goes to an organization that's pioneering or inventing new ways to promote biking and walking - and the Local Spokes Coalition has certainly been leading the way. Their fearless approach to creating community partnerships has created a model for cities across North America. Comprised of nine organizations working on various issues in New York City, including Alliance members Transportation Alternatives and Recycle-A-Bicycle, Local Spokes has shown the power of starting conversations without an agenda and letting community members lead the way. Working in New York's Lower East Side and Chinatown neighborhoods, the coalition spent several years working to "engage, understand and advocate for the community's various perspectives on cycling through multilingual outreach, public participation activities and a Youth Ambassadors program." The result was a Neighborhood Action Plan released in May of 2012, and continued resource development to aid work in other underserved communities.  


Congratulations to all the 2013 Advocacy Award Winners! Click Click here to read about 2009,  2010, 2011 and 2012 winners.    


About the Alliance for Biking & Walking:

The Alliance for Biking & Walking is the coalition of more than 200 state and local bicycle and pedestrian organizations working together to promote bicycling and walking across North America. To learn more about the Alliance's Advocacy Awards, please visit www.PeoplePoweredMovement.org/awards.

Alliance for Biking & Walking | PO Box 65150 | Washington | DC | 20035

Friday, March 1, 2013

Streetside E-News: March 2013

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From: "Alliance for Biking & Walking" <streetside@peoplepoweredmovement.org>
Date: Mar 1, 2013 12:34 PM
Subject: Streetside E-News: March 2013
To: <aquarianm@gmail.com>

View the web version of this e-mail. Streetside - March 2013
March 2013 Streetside header
March 2013 - In This Issue
Join Us at the 2013 Alliance Advocacy Awards
Come Work With Us -- the Alliance is Hiring!
Recycle-A-Bicycle Hosts Third Annual Youth Bike Summit
Minneapolis Advocates Plan Winning Cycle Track Campaign
Indianapolis Leaders Plan First Open Streets Event
Bike Cleveland On a Roll After Founding Summit
Upcoming Mutual Aid Calls
Welcome, Christine!
2013 Advocacy Awards to be Announced 
Will you be in Washington, DC for the National Bike Summit? If so, join us to honor some of the all-stars of the biking and walking movement at the Alliance's 2013 Advocacy Awards Reception!
Advocacy Awards teaser
After the evening plenary at the National Bike Summit on Monday, March 4, we will highlight and celebrate the advocates, organizations and businesses that are making a difference for biking and walking in communities across North America.
Join us on Monday, March 4 from 8:30 - 11:00 at RFD, located at 810 7th St NW, just a short walk from the National Bike Summit. 
Forget the Oscars - who will win Advocate of the Year and Advocacy Organization of the Year?  Come to RFD on Monday to find out.

Special thanks to SRAM, Planet Bike, Bikes Belong, Transportation Alternatives, Breezer, and Bike Pittsbugh for sponsoring the reception. 
The Alliance is Hiring a National Campaigns Director
Looking for a great job in the biking and walking advocacy movement? We're hiring!

come work with the Alliance

The Alliance for Biking & Walking is working with the leaders of our member organizations to launch and coordinate campaigns in cities and states around the nation. These nationally coordinated campaigns will allow advocacy organizations around the country to share in research, messaging, materials, skill development and funding. 

The Alliance seeks a dynamic and seasoned campaign organizer who can provide leadership and direction for a new level of coordination between cities and states that will build the biking and walking movement. The National Campaigns Director will collaborate and coordinate with the leaders of our 20 or 30 largest state and local organizations on national campaigns, foster collaboration with national partners, and boost the capacity of our member organizations. 

The National Campaigns Director will be based at the Alliance's Washington DC office and will report to the President/CEO. Learn more here. 
Recycle-A-Bicycle Hosts Third Annual Youth Bike Summit
Congratulations to Alliance member Recycle-A-Bicycle for hosting the third annual Youth Bike Summit. The three-day inter-generational exchange brought together youth, advocates and educators who are working to promote bicycling and community bicycle education in communities across the United States.

Youth Bike Summit group

The Alliance was proud to sponsor the Youth Bike Summit as part of our efforts to support community bike shops and the nearly 400 leaders and youth from 17 states who participated. 

The weekend was jam-packed with inspiring stories and lessons from young people and adults who are working to make bicycling more accessible all around the country. Learn what all the buzz was about in the Alliance's blog posts on what we heard at the Summit, plus our compilation of excerpts from the keynote address of Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá, Colombia.  
Minneapolis Advocates Plan Winning Cycle Track Campaign
MN Winning Campaigns crowd The Alliance traveled to chilly Minnesota in February to facilitate our Winning Campaigns Training with the Minneapolis Bicycle CoalitionThis training was made possible in part by the generous support of local sponsor QBP.


All of the attendees focused one one mission: launch and win a campaign to build world-class cycle tracks - also known as green lanes or protected bikeways - in Minneapolis. 

Over two dozen participants and representatives from six partner organizations - including Alliance members  Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota and the Midtown Greenway Coalition - learned key skills to carry out a winning campaign. 


Indianapolis Leaders Plan First Open Streets Event


Open Streets Louisville If your city or town closed several miles of local streets to car traffic for one day, how would you want to use that open space? 


That's the question that Indianapolis leaders pondered during a daylong Open Streets Project workshop last month facilitated by the Alliance's Mike Samuelson.


During the workshop, more than 15 organizations and agencies - ranging from a local art non-profit to the Indiana State Department of Health - came together to kick off the planning process for Indianapolis's first Open Streets event. 


The upcoming event will be the second such initiative in the state. Learn more about Indianapolis leaders' plans here. 

Bike Cleveland Continues to Grow After Founding Summit
A little over a year ago, the Alliance worked with Cleveland advocates to facilitate a strategic planning session with one goal: create a strong organization to advocate on behalf of Cleveland's cycling community. 
Over those two days, participants at the Bike Cleveland Summit plotted out how an advocacy organization could help make their vision a reality. The resulting strategic plan helped advocates bring in support from the community and from the Gund Foundation, allowing the organization to hire an executive director and become fully professionalized.
Now, Bike Cleveland is a strong organization providing a unified voice for cycling in the region.  
Go Bike Cleveland   
Bike Cleveland's most notable accomplishments in first year included:
  • Piloting a sharrow program in the Rocky River Reservation to decrease car-bike conflicts;
  • Securing funding from the City of Cleveland to construct 1.7 miles of bike lanes on Detroit Avenue, one of the city's most heavily biked corridors; and
  • Passing the Bicycle Transportation Safety Ordinance, which protects cyclists by mandating an enforceable 3-foot buffer between cars and the cyclists they pass.
Congratulations to Bike Cleveland on a great first year! Learn more about Bike Cleveland's work and Alliance strategic planning here. 
Upcoming Mutual Aid Calls
Our Mutual Aid conference calls are a great forum to gain insight from your Alliance peers on the specific issues and topics that are important to your organization. Additionally, Advocacy Advance has been hosting a series of calls to help you direct funding sources toward investments in biking and walking. 

All calls begin at 2 p.m. eastern and run for one hour.


This month:

    • Is your organization thinking about organizing a fundraising bike ride? Or are you looking for ways to use your bike ride events to increase profits, grow your membership, and elevate your organizations status? Join this call to hear from an expert panel of Alliance leaders who will discuss how their organizations use fundraising rides to raise money, form new partnerships and elevate their status in the community.

      Panelists will include:
      • Chad Taniguchi, Hawaii Bicycling League
      • Nelle Pierson, Washington Area Bicyclist Association
      • Chuck Ayers, Cascade Bicycle Club 
  • March 20: Financial Planning for Community Bike Shops
    • Financial planning and fundraising are challenging for all advocacy groups, but it can be particularly difficult for community bike shops, which deal with the seasonal increases and decreases of ridership as well as the cost of purchasing parts and tools. Join leaders from three community bike shops as they discussed the key concepts of financial planning and give examples of how their shops have created stable funding streams.


      Panelists will include:

      • Momoko Saunders, Bike Farm, Portland, OR
      • Rambod Behnam, Bikerowave, Los Angeles, CA
      • Nathan Wilkes, Yellow Bike Project, Austin, TX
  • March 27:  Government Contracts and Consulting
    • Alliance organizations can collaborate with local governments for opportunities to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of advocacy work. Partnering with an agency can increase chances of winning or subcontracting grants and, as governments cut back in providing direct services, they are relying on local nonprofits to do the work. Join this call to learn about government contracts and consulting. 

      This call is a supplement to the third guide in the 
       Alliance Guide to Fundraising series.

April calls:

  • April 10: Mutual Aid Call: Marketing the Economic Benefits of Bicycle Tourism
  • April 17: Mutual Aid Call: Insurance Options for Community Bike Shops
  • April 24: Working with Transit to Win Ballot Measures 

This past month:

What would you like to discuss on a Mutual Aid Call? Does your organization have expertise to share with peer organizations and other advocates? Email Mary Lauran with your ideas!


Welcome, Christine!
Christine Rigby Christine Rigby recently joined the Alliance as the Member Services Intern. She comes to the Alliance after spending a year in Pittsburgh, where she worked for the Group Against Smog and Pollution and volunteered for Alliance member organization Bike Pittsburgh.
Originally hailing from Florida, Christine graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Cardiopulmonary Sciences and first became interested in advocacy when she rode across the country after graduating. Christine is helping in membership by working to revamp the Alliance Resource Library, so if you have ideas on how the library could be more useful for your organization, email her or flag her down at the National Bike Summit.

Welcome to the team, Christine! 
Quick Links
Register Now
Member News

Livable Memphis Wins Complete Streets Policy

After a long campaign to institute a Complete Streets policy in the city, Livable Memphis advocates are proud to report that Mayor A.C. Wharton has signed an executive order stipulating that all new road construction projects and major renovations include accommodations for biking, walking and transit in addition to automobiles. Here's how they won »  

Cascade Bicycle Club's Polling Busts the "War On Cars" Myth

Advocates at Cascade Bicycle Club didn't understand why Seattle reporters kept insisting that the city was waging a "war on cars." In the face of strong anti-bike sentiments in the media, the advocates decided to run an independent poll to test what Seattleites actually thought. They found that most residents did not believe there was no such assault on driving - and found broad approval for sidewalks, bikeways, and neighborhood greenways. Learn how they busted the myth »

East Bay Bicycle Coalition Launches Innovative Education and Enforcement Program

Advocates at the East Bay Bicycle Coalition have found a great way to offer bicycle education to more people: partnering with police to offer ticketed cyclists traffic classes in exchanged for a reduced fine. The initiative has garnered media coverage and is catching advocates' attention as an example of a program to encourage safe bicycling while collaborating with local police.  See how they're doing it »


WABA Wins Smarter Enforcement in Washington, DC

The Washington Area Bicyclists Association had a big problem: bicyclists in DC were consistently receiving police citations for laws that did not exist. In response, WABA kicked off a successful enforcement campaign to track and document common police mistakes. Thanks to WABA's hard work and a Rapid Response grant from Advocacy Advance, the Metropolitan Police Department has improved officer training. Learn more about their campaign »

Partner News

Safe Routes to School National Partnership Launches Fire Up Your Feet

Increased physical activity can make a big difference for kids, especially when it comes to obesity and related health problems. The Safe Routes to School National Partnership recently launched Fire Up Your Feet, a new program that will help schools create new opportunities for physical activity to, from, and at school. Learn more »

Bikes Belong and Portland State University to Research Green Lanes

A new research study is underway at Portland State University (PSU), designed to measure the societal impact of next-generation protected bike lanes, called green lanes. The study, which is due out in January of 2014, will examine ridership, safety, and economic impact of protected bikeways in six cities. Learn more »

America Bikes Urges Performance Measures for Nonmotorized Transportation

It's a sad reality that even as motor vehicle deaths have declined in recent years, bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities are on the rise. To address the issue, the America Bikes coalition (of which the Alliance is a member) has urged Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to require states to establish performance measures for nonmotorized transportation. Such measures will encourage better data collection and funding for biking and walking safety. Read the coalition's letter here » 

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