1975 Schwinn Continental

1975 Schwinn Continental
This is the bike before most of the restoration work - click to view full-size

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Second Ride Of The Season...

...turned out beautiful. I made the full 22-mile round trip to downtown Wheaton & back. It was overcast & 65 degrees at the start, sunny & 75 at the end.

I have some rubber in my rockets after all that, but joy in my soul.

Ride on,


Bike. Ahhh...

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

20th-Century Schwinns: Still Doing The Heavy Lifting...

Both Schwinns. I can't tell you how many of these I still see in Chicago daily.

Ride on,


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Take BikeSafetyQuiz.com and Enter to Win a Trek Bike!

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Date: Jul 11, 2014 8:04 AM
Subject: Take BikeSafetyQuiz.com and Enter to Win a Trek Bike!
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Want to Win a New Trek Bike?

To help promote bike safety and the use of LIB's BikeSafetyQuiz.com, Prairie Path Cycles will be raffling off 2 Trek bikes (1 adult and 1 child bike) at the Winfield Criterium happening this Saturday, July 12th!


To enter, complete LIB's BikeSafetyQuiz.com and submit your certificate by email to raffle@winfieldcriterium.com or in person at the criterium.


Everyone is eligible - children, adults, attendees and non-attendees!  BikeSafetyQuiz.com offers quiz versions for child bicyclists, adult bicyclists, and motorists.
The kids bike is a Trek MT 200 valued at $299.99.
The adult bike is a Trek 7.1 FX valued at $469.99.


For more details visit the Winfield Criterium website. 



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Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Sun-Ringle CR-18 Polished-Alloy 27" x 1&1/4" Rims On Big Blue

First, Sun-Ringle's page for these rims:

These rims are a highly-polished modern alloy design that look as close as possible to the original steel-and-chrome Schwinn rims. They have a modern bead seal and will support the 90 psi modern tires run. The old Schwinn rims could barely take 65 psi before losing the sidewall seal and letting the tube out - with a very gunshot-like BANG!

I will of course carry a spare tube and pump, but I feel a LOT more secure when riding after the SEVEN flats I had last year.

Bicycles, Etc of Lisle, Illinois was happy to spoke these rims onto the original Schwinn hubs for me, which means that the bike really holds its classic aesthetic. They were the ones who found these in 27 x 1&1/4 for me. I was going to go with Velo Orange Raid rims at 700cc, but this option lets me keep the original ride and brake geometry at half the price. Kudos to Bicycles, Etc!!

They also found the source of all the front end noise that was nerving me out: a bent front axle. They were able to find a straight new axle to fit the original Schwinn hub. The front end is now much more solid.

I dropped off my '72 Continental (Lightning Bug) for the same treatment when I picked up Big Blue this morning.

The rims were about $150 for a set of four 36-spoke rims. Labor and parts including the axle was $217.82.  I'm expecting around $200 for Lightning Bug to complete the job.

Bicycles, Etc can be reached at:

6460 College Road,
Lisle, IL
60532 - USA


(They also have a location in Naperville, IL, but I have been working with the Lisle, IL location - and Country House Restaurant is located right next to them for a fantastic lunch!)

Ride On,


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Streetside E-News: July 2014

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From: "Alliance for Biking & Walking" <streetside@bikewalkalliance.org>
Date: Jul 8, 2014 8:54 AM
Subject: Streetside E-News: July 2014
To: <aquarianm@gmail.com>

The latest news in state and local biking and walking across North America

Sneak Peek: 2014 Leadership Retreat Sessions


The Alliance's biennial retreat for biking and walking advocates is filling up fast. Advocates: secure your spot now for the 2014 Leadership Retreat, September 5 - 8, just an hour outside Pittsburgh.


Here's a peek at several Retreat sessions by and for Alliance leaders:


The Bicycle Equity Toolkit 
Learn how bike advocates and partners have successfully developed solutions to incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion into policy priorities, organizational operations, and programs.


Uncapping the Private Sector's Potential 
Advocates will share lessons on harnessing partnerships with the private sector for stable, diverse funding streams.
Leveraging Volunteers to Expand your Scope  
Accomplished organizers will share surefire methods for utilizing volunteers to train, recruit, and manage other volunteers - and how to scale volunteer management to harness 300 volunteers in one day.  


Lessons from the Green Lane Project 
Using the lens of Innovation Diffusion Theory, we'll explore the spread of protected bike lanes throughout United States cities - and discuss how top advocates helped speed adoption.  


Advocacy in Suburban Communities 
Learn about other advocates' experiences advocating for Complete Streets in suburban and rural communities - and best practices for taking a regional network approach to bike/ped advocacy. 
The Leadership Retreat is filling up fast. Register for the September 5 - 8 Retreat today »
Also be sure to join us for Pro Walk / Pro Bike / Pro Place, right after the Leadership Retreat in the heart of Pittsburgh. The early summer registration deadline is July 11, so sign up today.
Big Dogs, Small Dogs, All Dogs in Between: How the Leadership Retreat Fits Your Work


At this year's Leadership Retreat, advocates will have the opportunity to grow more mighty thanks to hard-earned wisdom from differently sized organizations. 


Attendees will have the chance to attend sessions by organization type: State? Local? Large? Small? Pedestrian-focused? Community bike shop? We've got it all. 


We'll also offer sessions tailored to the type of work you do. Are you an Executive Director of a large organization? Director of a single-staff organization? Board member? Communications staff? Step right up.   


Finally, we'll open up space for an unconference where advocates can lead a session on whatever topic is nearest and dearest to your heart. 


10 Things (Not) To Do When Redesigning Your Organization's Website 


Several Alliance member organizations recently completed website redesigns and rebuilds - as did the Alliance. In three cases, the process went off smoothly and provided a much-needed revamp. In one case, things didn't go so well.  


In true Alliance form, we decided to host a Mutual Aid Webinar to share advocates' experiences - good and bad - so that leaders in our network can be better equipped when approaching a web project. 


See advocates' top 10 tips for website projects »

San Francisco's 6 Secrets for Winning Complete Crosstown Bikeways


The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has a bold vision: a city fully connected by bike networks that anyone - from an eight-year-old kid to an eighty-year-old grandparent - would feel comfortable riding. 


Their vision is the focus of Connecting the City, a multi-year campaign to connect San Francisco neighborhoods and iconic landmarks. 


In June, the Alliance teamed up with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and PeopleForBikes' Green Lane Project to train 22 advocates from 20 cities around the U.S. on this innovative initiative. Advocates learned the secrets of San Francisco's successes and considered how their lessons could be adapted in their own communities. 


See 6 San Francisco secrets »

How to Organize an Open Streets Initiative in Your Community 


More and more cities are seeing the benefits of Open Streets. In 2007, there were less than 10 Open Streets initiatives around the United States. Now, there are over 100.


On a recent Alliance Mutual Aid Webinar, organizers from Tucson, Atlanta, and Oklahoma City shared what it took to make Open Streets happen in their communities. 


Learn how advocates from three cities organized Open Streets »

How Communities are Paying for Innovative Bicycle Facilities


How are cities and towns paying for separated bicycle infrastructure? A new Advocacy Advance report shows how cities use a combination of federal, state, local, regional, and private funds for innovative facilities. 


In conjunction with the report's release, Advocacy Advance held a webinar to share local examples from Memphis, TN.   


See the webinar recap and learn 3 tips from Memphis »

Brighid O'Keane Named Deputy Director


Brighid O'Keane has been indispensable part of the Alliance's advocacy and training work for the past three years as the advocacy lead within Advocacy Advance. Now, Brighid will take on new leadership roles as the Alliance's Deputy Director. 


Read the announcement from Jeffrey Miller »

Upcoming Webinars and Mutual Aid Calls 
Our Mutual Aid webinars and conference calls are great forums to gain insight from peers and colleagues on the most important issues in biking and walking advocacy today.
  • July 8, 1:00 - 2:00 PM eastern: U.S. Federal Transportation Poilcy Update
    • Tune in for a briefing on the latest developments in US federal transportation policy and legislation. This webinar is jointly presented by the League of American Bicyclists, the Alliance for Biking & Walking, and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.
  • July 9, 2:00 - 3:00 PM eastern: Engaging Athletes in Advocacy
    • Running, walking and cycling groups can be a powerful voice for safer streets - or they can be excluded from active transportation conversations because of their focus on recreation. Join this call to learn what other advocacy groups are doing to engage these tight-knit communities of athletes and advocate for safer facilities for all road users.
    • As the federal funding landscape changes for active transportation funding, more and more states are turning to local public revenue sources to raise the local match or fully fund bicycling and walking projects. Join this webinar to hear about the revenue sources that states are using to fund active transportation projects, and how advocates are working with State Legislatures to pass statutes that ensure bicycling and walking projects have access to dedicated state funds. 
    • San Francisco's Connecting the City campaign has been a big success for both the city and for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. This multi-year initiative to envision and build neighborhoods greenways and protected bikeways all across the city has resulted in huge, visionary projects - and has helped SFBC majorly boost its budget and capacity.

What would you like to discuss on a Mutual Aid Call or Webinar? Does your organization have expertise to share? Email Megan with your ideas!

Register Now
Member News

New York Advocates Win Federal Safety Funding

Advocates in New York state just won a major pool of federal safety dollars to install crosswalks, sidewalks, signals, and shoulders to make streets better for walking and biking. Here's how you can do the same »


Dallas Advocates Celebrate Four Ribbon Cuttings 

Congratulations to BikeDFW and BikeTexas for winning four new walking and biking projects: the Continental Bike/Ped Bridge, Trinity Skyline Trail, Sylvan Avenue Bridge, and the West Dallas Gateway Plaza. Elected officials in attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremonies included Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson. See BikeTexas' recap »


Daily Bike Trips in Chicago Exceed Expectations 

The Active Transportation Alliance released an analysis with the first estimate for total daily bike trips in the city of Chicago. And the number is large: 125,000. That's three times the number of cars that travel on the 23-mile-long busy Western Avenue all day. More »


NY Lawmakers Pass Lower Speed Legislation for NYC

On the final day of the legislative session, the New York State Assembly passed a bill that will allow New York City to set its default speed limit to 25 mph. The bill is a victory for Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets. 

Read the press release »


Oregon Awards $8.8 Million for Walking & Biking Projects

Advocates pushed for and won a significant portion of funding in ConnectOregon, a multimodal state funding program. More »

Partner News

PeopleForBikes Community Grants Now Available 

The PeopleForBikes Community Grant Program provides funding for bicycle infrastructure projects like bike lanes, parks, paths, and trails, and for advocacy projects that increase local investments in that infrastructure. Cities and non-profit organizations can submit an online letter of interest through August 1. Learn more »

Join Us at Pro Walk / Pro Bike / Pro Place
Registration is now open for the largest walking, bicycling, and Placemaking conference in the United States. The conference program has just been released and the early summer registration deadline is July 11th. Act now for the best rate » 

League's Women Bike & Equity Initiative to Convene Future Bike

Registration is now open for the League of American Bicyclists' Future Bike, a half-day forum on how to involve and be led by new and previously overlooked stakeholders. Learn more & register » 

Report: Walkable Cities Benefit the Economy 
Walkable cities attract a more highly-educated population and generate one-third higher Gross Domestic Product per capita, according to a recent report by LOCUS and George Washington University. Learn more from America Walks »

5 Tips for Prioritizing Pedestrian Safety 
The American Public Health Association compiles five ways that communities can take steps to make streets and sidewalks safer. Read »

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